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Puckerman Fraternal Accepted!

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OC Guard Accepted!

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posted 1 week ago
Jean Baptiste Accepted!

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Evans Twin Accepted!

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Admin Post.

We will be doing acceptances at 11 pm EST! So stay tunned!

EDIT: 11:30 PM EST.

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  • Blaine Anderson
  • Dexter Anderson

Most needed?

Everyone that is open!

Admin Nessa.


Your ask page says no triplets but the rp was advertized as a triplet rp and you have three Andersons.

It’s a mistake of mine, Admin Nessa. And I will fix it in a moment.

I’m finally out of hiding! Work and real life have been a real pain here recently for me but I am back and ready to get to my admin and character duties! So I will back to what I need to, check us out! You might even find that you like us so much you find yourself applying without even realizing it.